Tips For Taking Care of Long Hair

In many societies of the world keeping long hair by women is considered as symbol of beauty. Hair and its quality adds tremendously to the beauty profile of a woman. However one thing should be noted that long hair demand more care and look after as compared to the short hair. Taking care of long hair is an art and has to be learned. Here are some useful tips for maintaining long hair.

How To Take Care of Long Hair

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1. The stress on long hair can easily result in their breakage. Do not sleep with long hair tied up in ponytail or braided.

2. Even if you have to braid the hair do not make them extra tight, otherwise they are liable to break.

3. Reduce the use of clips, bows and untreated bands for braiding the hair. If you want to have a ponytail then use a good quality band that can prevent the breakage of hair.

4. Split ends of hair cause lot of damage. This results in breakage and loss of hair in little time. Keep trimming the hair in order to avoid split hair. If you want to maintain the present length of hair, trim them after every one and half month. If you want to further grow the hair in length then plan the trimming after every three months.

5. If your hair get entangled, and long hair are more prone to get entangled, then use your fingers to detangle them. Avoid using a brush for this purpose because it will stretch your hail beyond limits and may result in breakage.

6. If you want to detangle your hair, do it from the tip of the hair towards the roots. The task should be performed in one section first and followed by another section of the hair. Do not apply force while entangling your hair as it may cause breakage.

7. Try to detangle your hair before washing them. It will ease the task of washing as all the knots and tangles will be removed before you apply shampoo and water on them.

8. After washing the hair do not rub them with towel for drying. It will cause tangles. Instead, blot the water from hair by putting the towel at different places.

9. Hair is prone to breakage during sleep. If you use a cotton pillow the long hair will get stuck with pillow and break while you take a turn during sleep. Try to use a silky pillow cover. This will make the hair slide and will prevent their breakage. You can also save your hair from breaking during sleep by tying the hair up in a ponytail using a good quality band.

10. You can also wear silk scarf while sleeping, in order to avoid hair breakage.

11. When you apply oil on long hair it is difficult to spread it all across the hair. It can be done by using a hair brush. Brushing the hair starting from roots and going towards the ends will help in spreading the oil all along its length. Once you are done with brushing, stroke your hair with hand so that electrostatic charge on the hair can be removed.

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