How To Choose Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Color

If you stand before a makeup counter and start selecting lipstick to match your complexion you will end up just baffled. There is such a large variety of lipstick that it becomes virtually impossible to select the perfect item. It may also happen that you buy a lipstick and bring it home, but after wearing, you are not satisfied with its color or gloss. Best Lipstick Color Shades For Summers

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Here are a few tips on how to select a suitable shade of the lipstick.

Go For Slightly Darker Shades

The best color tone that can be achieved is the one that is one or two shades darker than your original lip complexion. Take out your selected lipstick and apply it on one lip only. Look into the mirror and compare it with the color of your other lip that is bare one. If the selected color is slightly darker, then this is your appropriate choice.

This looks to be a simple test that can be performed at home. But if you are in the market and selecting the item at a cosmetic store, this sort of test may not be feasible. Then what should you do in such a situation. You have to trust the color shades printed on the packing of the lipstick. However you can perform a ‘dry test’. Pick up the selected color and look in the mirror from a closer distance. Keep the selected color close to your bare lips and compare the color tone. If the selected color seems to be slightly darker than your bare lips, you are advised to go for a purchase. [How to Use Matte Lipstick on Various Skin Colors]

Remember that such color comparison should be done in the natural light instead of the artificial fluorescent lights, which can give you false and deceptive results.

What to do With a Lipstick Bought Carelessly

It can happen that you selected a lipstick, bought it, but when you tried to wear it at home you didn’t like its tone. At times you would like to throw the lipstick in to the dust bin. Please don’t do that. You can retain such ‘unwanted’ lipsticks and easy evolve the colors of your choice. This is not difficult. For example a bright color lipstick can be toned down by applying a darker liner before using it.

Using Lip Brush and Lip Liner

Lip brushes are very useful when you are handling strong colors. You have to use a mirror and at the same time you need to be rather an expert in the use of brush, otherwise you may spread the lipstick outside the edges of your lips.

Lip liners are very effective in preventing the lipstick to wear off quickly. Applying the lip liner before using the actual lipstick will fill the gaps in the skin. This will retain the color even if the lipstick wears off. Lip lining can be done before or after the application of lipstick with the same results.

General Rules

It is better for ladies with fair color to use lipsticks of apricot, pink and light coral shades. Try to avoid all shades of brown.

Women with medium skin tones can select slightly darker colors like roses, mauve and berries. Avoid the bright red color and go for deep burgundy in place of red [What Lipstick Colors Should be Used by Fair Skin Women].

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