How to Remove Wrinkles Around Your Mouth

Reasons of Wrinkles

Sometimes makeup cause wrinkle. Try to avoid wear makeup in younger age. Try some effective remedies that will helps you to remove wrinkles easily. Wrinkles can be caused due to hormonal changes, sun exposure. If you spend too much time in front of mirror and always thinking about wrinkles then you are sure to get wrinkles.

Well many things can cause wrinkles around the mouth. Smoking, drinking out of a straw or beer bottle or anything really that makes you to an “O” with your mouth and all of those things do that. What you can do is not to do those things.

Wrinkles around mouth


Prevention is better than cure, and it’s important to moisturize as they care for the elasticity in your skin. It’s good to massage in as heat makes the wrinkles sink in.¬†protected your skin from sun damage, take a healthy and balance diet, wear light make-up, everyday drink at least 8 glass of water.


Wash your face daily to remove dry skin and use an anti-aging cream (8 Easy Anti Aging Makeup Tips). Start with something commonly used like Oil of Ulay and if that does not work try another one like Karacol Kream. You must work on it every day because our skin always grows and dries and sheds and regrows, so its a pattern that we can’t stop but we can help it by maintaining it.

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You will find many creams. This is a proven way to get them to minimize greatly. Use any oil – Many people had great success with olive, and do a forward and backward rub along the line with finger tips. Helps to first tighten skin by opening mouth about 1, pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Make the rubbing firm and vigorous and do for 2 minutes 4 or 5 times a day. See definite fading in 7 to 14 days depending on how firm and vigorous and how frequently you do it. There have been glowing testimonials from happy users off treatment. It is much more effective and faster working than any facial exercises.

Tips to Remove Wrinkles Around Mouth:

  • Drinking one teaspoon of ginger by mixing some honey in it. This will make your skin glow and will delay the formation of wrinkles too.
  • Every night before going for sleeping, apply coconut oil or olive oil all over the body including face.
  • Mash a ripe papaya and apply the pulp to the face and neck.
  • Massage with some wrinkle cream which contain natural ingredients. and put vitamin E oil on those areas when you go to sleep. You can get this in any store really.
  • To get rid of this wrinkle you can also apply lemon juice or aloe vera juice over the affected area.

Misc Additional Tips to Remove Wrinkles Around Mouth

Mouth wrinkles: Smile wide by keeping lips together. Hold for 5 seconds. Push mouth outward by bringing your lips together in a pout. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. This will reduce laugh lines.

To avoid skin pulling/stretching, tighten that area by partially opening mouth, pulling lips firmly back against teeth. For fastest results work up to a 20 min daily massage (can be in two or more sessions). Persevere and you will get the same great results. Treatment works equally as well on vertical frown lines between brows.

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